The simplest and cheapest way possible.

You had an amazing idea and an amazing concept in mind for your video game app. But you don’t have the skills to make it as you really want. Maybe you got stuck to make the graphic assets. Maybe using our template looks difficult for you. Or maybe, you need help in the publishing! Something is preventing you to complete the project, but you want to create your own videogame as soon as possible!

No problem! Let a professional developer Reskin a game! 

If you want to save time and money you can follow those steps. In this way you will have a fully customized game, already monetized and submitted to the stores without even touching the project.

How to create a video game with no coding skills

  • Purchase one of our templates 
  • Go to the Fiverr or Upwork platforms
  • Talk with a professional Unity reskinner via Chat
  • Give them the code and your original concept
  • Get the job done!

Write in the chats of the platforms and be as clear as possible about your needs. Why? Simply because if a developer gets clear instructions it’s bound to a contract. It has to make the work as you agreed. The moderators will monitor and save the chats of those platforms. As a result, you can get a full refund from the platforms if you don’t get the job as you asked. So, if they accept to make the reskin, you’re 100% safe and you will bind them to a legal agreement. Also, one bad review on their profile will terminate their business.

A Reskin of Slither that was a huge success!

Why Reskin is a good strategy?

Because it’s fast and it can be really cheap. Therefore, you will save a lot of time by hiring a professional, and you will have high quality results.

TIP: Always hire professional with good positive reviews, specialized in Unity Reskin.

We suggest you to don’t try to hire and make payments “outside” those platforms, because you wouldn’t be covered by any agreement. In this way, you don’t have proofs to get refunds in case someone does a bad job. In conclusion, I used this platforms many times wisely and I always had great experiences. It’s in the interest of the developers to make good impressions on their works, because in this way they will get more positive reviews and more contracts.

You can hire a programmer, specialized in reskinning unity games, directly from Fiverr here:

By purchasing one of our templates, you will be sure that a professional reskinner will be able to do all the modifications needed, without getting stuck with bad codes. Above all, we sold thousands of codes to professionals and all of them immediately knew what to do.

If they want some help they can always contact us. We will be glad to give the correct instructions, even via Skype Call or Team Viewer!