How to Setup and Reskin 

In the Documentation you can search detail information on how to reskin our unity projects. It very easy! In other words, you just need to put your images or sounds in Assets/Textures – Assets/Sounds folders with the same names. You can change game configurations directly with the “ObliusGameManager” GameObject inside the scene.

Also, you will be able to setup AdMob and Chartboost in just a minute. You have to insert your ads IDs and nothing else! Check here the in-depth documentation on how to reskin our games.

DISCLAIMER: For long term stability, all Oblius Templates use this Unity version:
Unity 2018.3.3f1 (64-bit).
This is mandatory to make our projects work as intended.
Please download it from the link above or from the official Unity releases.
In case you want to upgrade to an other Unity version, some plugins may not work, and they need to be updated manually. Even if our projects are retro-compatible like all Unity projects, we cannot ensure that they 100% work on every possible future Unity release without making any changes to the code; Nor we can give assistance on bugs present on an other Unity version, different than the one stated above. So, upgrade at your own risk.

Unity Templates

Reskin Help Documentation

Oblius logo on unity template documentation

IMPORTANT: To Run the project you need to activate the UNITY IAP and UNITY ADS Services. Otherwise, you will get errors in the compiler. Above all, if you don’t know how to do it, check this link:

unity project services

Now you can switch to a mobile platform (iOS/Android) from the Build Settings of Unity.

unity build settings switch template

Update plugins (Not always needed)

IMPORTANT: In time, Google Play Services and other plugins may become outdated. So, you need to update the unity template. You can do it by yourself, by following this guide. Download the update guide here:

In this case you will be sure that the project will always work correctly with the Unity Version we use. For instance, we use Unity 2018.3.3f1 (64-bit). Once everything is updated, if you press “clear” on the Unity console, you will get no red errors and after that, you’re ready to reskin the project!


  1. Compiling for Xcode (iOS) – What do you need?
  2. Configure Leaderboard (Google Play/Game Center)
  3. Configure In-app Purchase (Remove Ads)
  4. Rate and Share buttons
  5. GameManager – Overview
  6. Add new Unlockables in the Shop
  7. Ad-networks Setup
  8. Textures and Sounds
  9. GUI Customization
  10. Build a 64Bit Apk

Compiling for Xcode (iOS) – What do you need?

When you compile a project for Xcode you always need something to do. Anyway, in this case, it’s simple enough. Above all, you need to add the “AdMob” SDK to your Xcode project. Download it from here:

If you are using a Virtual Machine with iOS but you have Windows

Why? Because Windows will corrupt the sdk file and Xcode can’t recognize it. So take the .zip file and extract it directly inside the iOS.
Now the next step is: In Xcode Build Settings:

  1. Turn off the Enable Bitcode.
  2. Turn on the Enable Modules (C and ObjectiveC).

    Done! After that, you can successfully compile the project for iPhone.

This is an in-depth guide on how it works:

Also make sure that in Build Settings -> Player Settings of iOS only there’s “NO_GPGS” in Scripting Define Symbols. In conclusion, if there’s not, please write NO_GPGS inside and press “Enter”.

If you find other properties, they must be separated with the semicolon symbol. Otherwise, you may trigger some errors!

Unity scripting define symbols

This will exclude Google Play Games from iOS. So, it enables Game Center.

Configure Leaderboard

(Google Play/Game Center)

If you compile the project for Android, you will activate the Google Play Leaderboard. Otherwise, for iOS, you will have Game Center. So, to enable the Leaderboard in your project you have to follow those steps:


On Google Play Developer console, create a new Leaderboard for Android. Above all, this guide will help you if you have any troubles:

Once you correctly configured your Leaderboard, grab the ID.

Google Play Leaderboard id

Now click “Get Resources” and get the code inside the window.

Leaderboard resources

Now you have the “ID” and the “Resource Code” right? So, open your Unity Project and go to Window/Google Play Games/Setup/Android Setup.

unity leaderboard setup

Simply insert the code here and then click “Setup”.

complete setup

Now there’s one more step. Finally, you just have to insert the ID inside the LeaderBoard.cs Script. You can find the script in the GameManager gameObject.

Final step on unity leaderboard gameobject


For iOS it’s simpler! Configure the Leaderboard in the developer console of Game Center. Then copy your id. After that, Insert it inside the Leaderboard.cs script. As always, you will find it in the GameManager gameObject

Gamecenter leaderboard setup

For more information about setting a GameCenter leaderboard please look at this link:

Configuring In-App-Purchase

The first thing you need to do is to enable Unity IAP in the Unity Services:

Configuring the iAP is really simple: You need to create the in-app-products on the respective platforms. For instance, Google Play for Android and iTunes Connect for iOS.

To configure your “in-app product” on Google Play, please refer to this link:

To configure your “in-app product” on iTunes Connect, please refer to this other link:

Purchaser script

The purchaser script allows you to set different purchasing items. If you want the “remove ads” option you can set it up like the screenshot below. Then create a non consumable item with id no_ads in your Google Play or in your iTunes account.

purchaser script usage for unity IAP

IMPORTANT! To test your in-app-purchase, you first need to publish the game on the respective platforms! Otherwise it will not work.

For more details about iAP testing please refer to the official guides:

To test on Android:
To test on iOS:

Rate and Share

In GameManager gameObject you will find these scripts:

rate and share manager

HINT For Android: If your bundle name is, the final URL would be Anyway, it’s better to use a URL with a redirect set by yourself because you will have full control.

When you click the share button, you will be able to share the “High Score” screenshot of the game-over screen. It will pop up a native dialog box. This will work on iOS and Android.

natie ios and android share dialog box

GameManager – Overview

In the GameManager gameObject you will find all the customization features for this project. You will also find all the options needed for the Screenshot Sharing, Leaderboards etc. Those scripts in the hierarchy are very simple to understand. If you don’t know how to change some particular features, send us an email. We will be happy to help you!

Add new Unlockables in the Shop

In the Unity Hierarchy: open the Shop gameObject. Then open the ShopItemContainer child gameObject inside. Here you will find a list of placeholders. In order to create new shop items (characters,unlockables, etc.) follow these steps:

  • Duplicate one of those placeholders.
  • Set the sprite that you want in the SpriteRenderers Component.
  • Set the price in the ShopItem script attached to the new object.
  • Check for special properties inside this script.
Shop item controller in unity template

Some unity games may need additional “Textures”. For example, for the death of the player. The name of the character/unlockable will be the name you find on top of the gameObject.
When you create new textures, always respect the defined size of the original files. Obviously, if you don’t do that, the unlockable will be bigger or smaller than the original size.

Ad Networks – Setup:

This script is an evolution of our plugin All-In-One. When you open the project, you will find the script in the AdNetworks gameObject. If you customize it, you will be able to activate the banners inside your game.

ad networks script usage

Important: When you create a new Chartboost interstitial, don’t panic if you can’t see the interstitial ads right away. That’s because the changes on their platform will occur after 1 hour. Also, make sure that you set up Debug Mode off from the ChartBoost Platform

If you publish on Amazon Store, you have to change only one thing.

  • Click on Chartboost window on top of your unity screen.
  • Now click Edit Settings.
  • In the window that opens, change the “Android platform” to Amazon
Amazon store unity chartboost

Don’t click or change anything. All is done dynamically by our AdNetworks Script. Also, if you click “Setup Android SDK” prepare to unlimited bugs. Seriously, don’t do that.

Edit Textures and Sounds in your Unity Game Template:

The textures and sounds of the game are inside their respective folders in “Assets”. Just open the folder and look around. Finally you can change all the graphics and audios of the game. You can do that by editing or overwriting the files in this folders. Keep the same file name and extension. Otherwise you will lose the references.

GUI Customization

Inside the project hierarchy you will see the GUI GameObject. Here you will find all the GUI elements of the game. So, select the element you need. Finally, customize it and the set it to the original status (Enabled/Disabled). In other words, you can edit all the game GUI without overlapping the elements. Using the Unity GUI System, you can edit everything you need.

How to Build a 64 bit APK

To build a 64 Bit version of your app (that is required for Google Play) check the example configuration below:

64 bit configuration example

Simply select IL2CPP in Scripting Backend and enable ARMv7 and ARM64 in the Target Architectures. In this way you will be able to Build the App Bundle (with the .aab file extension). Unity will ask for the Android NDK. For instance, you have to install and configure the Android NDK that you can find here:


That’s it and thank you for buying our product. If you have any other questions. please contact us here!